Monday, August 27, 2007

My New Obsession

And not a moment too soon. My Monkeys are almost done, various hats and headbands are complete. My Wicked languishes in a corner, along with my spiral scarf, neither deserving of a photography session. Let's not even talk about my Storm Water Scarf. Lovely yarn, less than fun pattern. And then came Brooklyn Tweed's latest, the Hemlock Ring Blanket. Now granted, he could photograph MOLD and make it look inviting. But the thought of an almost chunky weight giant doily is no mold, my dears. It is a beautiful work of art. This art spoke to me in such a strong way that as soon as my knitting pals emailed me their reaction to his latest FO(I hadn't checked bloglines yet) I ran out and bought the Cascade Eco Wool in color 8063 (latte) and immediately cast on. No matter that I didn't have knitpicks options or some other adjustable cable length needle system. Dpns got the ball rolling, or in this case, the lace turning. And Jared is right, lace is wonderful in the round - no purl rows! Finding mistakes is easy too, it's like super giant-sized lace compared to MS3. In that way, it's almost comical, like Alice in "Through The Looking Glass". Now my 29" #9s are getting a little snug, so I'll have to buy some 40" ones soon.

This blanket will be for my Dad, who's having a rough go of it lately health-wise. It comforts me to work on it.
Here it is at row 35...