Friday, May 25, 2012

Can't Help Starting

I thought if I stayed off Ravelry's pattern pages I could keep myself from starting new projects and whittle away at some of the old ones. So how did this happen? 
BTW, the pic is of the awesome Kate Davis version, but my is queued and started!

I thought if I couldn't buy the yarn locally, I wouldn't buy new yarn.  So how did this happen ?

OK, I give up.  New sweater, cast on with yarn I mail ordered from Ireland.  Sure Donna, that's you all over.

But I am really enjoying it.

Also, spinning is going strong, which has been helped by watching podcasts like Diane's and Steven and Callie's.  I am spinning away on my Franklin Fiber in the Polworth Silk:

And and  I got my spindles out (literally had to dust them off) to work on some Spunky Fiber.

And on another note, I'm so glad Phillip won American Idol.

I think someone needs to make a "Hey Girl" with him soon...