Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dawanda Baby!

Something needed to bring me back from the antithesis of NaBloPoMo. This site is amazing. It's kind of like a very young Etsy, without all the mass produced crap that is flooding it nowadays. (My apologies to all you great artists who are mass producing really great crap). If you aren't feeling too adventurous in trying to translate the site from German, you can click on the flag of Great Britain and relax in English. Now all I need to know is how much 40 Euros is going to cost me in dollars (and will I pass out from the shipping).

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Monkey Socks are Done!

Actually, these have been done for a while. I think they were finished during Dad's first hospital stay in early September.
The specs:
Brown Sheep Wildefoot, color Ragtime - 2 skeins
Started on Brittany Birch size #1s 5" glove size, ended on Crystal Palace #1 dpns (a much easier 7")
They're not pink as the photo. They are various shades of red, from fiery to deep dark Merlot. It's night here now and the lighting isn't great so the flash killed the reds. I'll try to take another picture in daylight.
Don't cha love those clam digger toes?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Lacy Drop Stitch Scarf

In honor of NaBloPoMo, here's my entry for today. I started at Lacy Drop Stitch Scarf with Icelandic Lace Weight wool from Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool Company. You like so far?

Boy, do I hate those needles. Susan Bates Size 13s with a mind of their own. The antithesis of the Holz and Steins from the last post. The yarn is earthy and creative. Lots of black hair wrapped around silvery white. Should look nice over my black turtlneck, unless it sheds...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cider Moon and NaBloMo

Can I do it? Probably not. But I thought it would fun to try. This little sticker means I have to post every day in the month of November. Well, I've already missed three days. Off to a great start.
Son's team won their first football game in three years. He's on cloud nine. Wonder how those kids that lost to the team that hasn't won a game in three years feels...
I haven't been posting, but I have been buying yarn. Lots of it, in terms of my yarn buying rates that is. I'm sure it pales to many out there who could out-buy me even with a wicked case of the flu. Seems we've lost yet another yarn store around here lately. That brings the recent total of disappearing yarn stores with 25 miles of me to 4. It's sad. They all say the same thing - they can't keep up with the internet. The lower prices due to no overhead is killing them. The latest fatality, Wild and Wholly Wools in Commack. Everything is 50% off.
Along with some great llama/wool yarn, I got some lovely Knit one Purl Too Paintbox yarn for a pair of wristwarmers from Cider Moon's free pattern collection, called April May. The yarn is more of a light worsted weight than a fingering weight called for in the pattern, so it should make them warm and not as airy as the pattern picture. I also knit with one size smaller needles, because I have tiny wrists.

I love the Cider Moon website. I told them to hold me some June Carter in Glacier when they got it in, and they did. Now I'm waiting for some Johnny Cash to go with it (nach) for a Feather and Fan scarf, but the shop has been down for business since September, so June may have to go it alone. I sure hope they're ok and that they'll be back soon.
Here's another pattern from their website, a scarf pattern called Isobel. I'm knitting it from the Welcomme Rainbow I just scored from that knitter that was selling all her stuff for $1 a skein. Do you see those needles? They're my Holz and Stein Ebony needles and they are heavenly. I just might buy some other pairs. I'm always casting on with 4s and 5s, so they might be likely next candidates. Like knitting on air...