Saturday, April 15, 2006

I just love knitting sites. The slick photography of the yarn, the cool and sophisticated descriptions of the products. I love the knitting blogs. Some writers are quirky, others elegant. All have great ideas and great links to other quirky, elegant sites.
I cut my teeth so to speak on the WWW when my thirst for information concerning quilting exceeded my books, quilt shops, and fellow quilters (although I was pretty much a "lone quilter", not too into the guild stuff, but that's a whole other post.) The web sites back in the early 90s were pretty archaic, and many very dull. There were a few pioneer women, making as tasty a page as they could not knowing too much HTML (there were no programs to plug the code in for you back then). We relied mainly on listservs and ftp sites to glean info. "Anyone know a better way to _______ ?" - Check back in a few days for your 20 or so replies.
I still love quilting, but I think I might love knitting more. When I have the courage I will post pictures of my crude scarves and my current attempt at a sock. But for now I will skip across the wonderful pages that contain blogs and products, wrapping myself in them like a lace shawl. Let's hope I can balance my time between the thirst for knowledge and inspiration and the necessity of finishing at least one project so I don't have more than two going at the same time. No more UFOs, like back in the days of quilting.

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