Thursday, October 19, 2006

Recycled Silk On My Doorstep

My recycled wool silk came today from Himalaya Yarn. It is the most beautiful speckled black. I'm making the Rustic Ruffle Wristwarmers from Interweave Knits. Each skein is 175 yards, enough to make a pair of wristwarmers. I ordered two skeins and they sent a third for free with a note that it was the end of the dyelot. Daughter wanted a pair but has changed her color preference (figures) so now I have these three lovely hanks. Maybe I should rethink my project to something that can use up all three hanks with...

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tree said...

hi -- just came over from clapotis group... I'm gearing up to start and have to say I love your yarn choice -- the colors are so nice for this pattern. I was going to use a hot pink/purple blend but maybe I'll have to rethink that!

PS ~ I'm on LI too :~}