Friday, April 20, 2007

For ME???

A package arrived for me today. My son thought it was his Naruto cards from Ebay ("and even if it were, you haven't worked them off yet dear..."). He grabbed it out of the mailbox and his face went from pure glee to the depths of sadness. A 10 year old boy can get pretty worked up over card collecting. He handed it to me, and sure enough, it was rather squishy, not at all like cards, or even a bill. I searched my memory to try and remember what I had recently ordered. I thought I had a self-imposed yarn diet going, and thought I must be going a bit daft, not remembering what was obviously a yarn purchase made over the internet. When I opened the package, I was greeted with blue tissue paper. Then it dawned on me. Could it be my secret pal was gifting me again so soon? I tore into the package (no time for the requisite wrapped present shot - I was a woman possessed - and was greeted by this gorgeous hank of yarn love:
Its Cindy, from Whatnot Yarns , made by Joni Miles of Union Center Knits. There's a pin that says Yarn Star and a stitch marker with it as well. Plus gift labels to attach to the socks. (How about "To Me, Love, Me"?) Her Etsy shop is terrific. Thank you, my SP10. I LOVE it!!! Hope you are being treated well too! Love from Long Island...

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