Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Finished Object from Daughter #1

Here's a little commercial for a fictitious product my daughter made for her 11th grade advertising class:
Just for some background info, Dad's a surfer. DD#1 has been surfing for a couple of years too. She's only 16 so I don't let her go out on "big" days. That means, if the waves are 5 feet or more, or you have to paddle out so far that you don't look like a body on a board but a piece of seaweed, you can't go in. This was one of her dad's surfing holes in his younger years. He's recently moved east a few beaches to some less crowded waters because I don't know if you can tell or not be these dudes are hardcore and if you "drop in" here you better pack your chutspa to go with it. Husband's chutzpah ain't what it used to be. (Don't tell him though!)

The water was only 50 degrees that day. It is rather inky looking...

Also, a friend of mine has a movie in the "Indie Flix Online Film Festival". It's called "Needle Through Brick". Click on it and choose "Watch Clip". Vote for it. I promise you'll receive many skeins in the afterlife...

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Angie said...

Loved the surfing ad and loved the Indie Flix Online Film Festival clip!