Monday, January 19, 2009

Kiri In Silk

I thought I'd show you what came off the needles last November. Here is Kiri, done in Claudia's Handpaints 100% silk.

It took less than a skein and size 3 Addi turbo Lace circs.
The pattern was so easy to memorize that I could do it anywhere, even in the car, which is a nice thing because usually my lace projects have to be done at home. The silk was enjoyable, but I had to get used to it because I knit mostly with wool.

I highly recommend the pattern to any of you who feel less than adequate at lace knitting, or for anyone who needs a break from the chart intensive or more complex lace patterns out there.


Angie said...

OOOO Donna! That is really pretty!! I can't memorize any pattern, ever. What is your trick?

donnac368 said...

I'm simple-minded. Ha Ha!