Friday, February 06, 2009

Ishbel - in a Flash

So this thing just flew off the needles -
I cast on January 21, and bound off January 29. And I wasn't faithful - I never am, at least with knitting...
Take that, Finish or Frog It!
Now if only February Lady Sweater, Muir, and Juno Regina could go so fast.
So I'm putting on the scarf, and heading out to Montauk for a weekend with friends. I've packed a few bottles of wine, some stinky cheese, and lots of other snick-snacks.

Warning: Gratuitous blocking shots...

Another quick pic to entertain. My friend from church destashed some old knitting needles and while I passed on all of them, there was one set I snatched up immediately.

Check the price, and the commitment that they tell you that you'll have happy knitting! The color is my favorite. They went to a place of honor with my miniature childrens' sewing machines and old wooden thread spools. I am the keeper of the old.

By the way, it's been snowing pretty often here lately. So far the kids haven't had school closed, but Lola is having a hard time finding a place to squat in the yard, if you get my drift. This is how she comes into the house lately:


Angie said...

That shawl is so beautiful!

Angie said...

PS: SQUEEZE ROCKS!! I saw them about two years ago at the Westbury Music Fair and they were as good as they were when I saw them in the 80's. I love them so much, I use their song, '853-5937' as my answering machine message. If you listen closely, they sing my name!

donnac368 said...

Ah, so many do sing your name Angie or should I say, Ayeenge (they can't say we never tri i iied...)

MammaMyy said...

Very beautiful!