Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jaywalkers on the Needles

I changed my blog a bit, taking advantage of blogger's new features, which I really haven't experimented with as much as I would like. I lost all my buttons, so I literally jumped back up from off the cliff and reverted back to my old template. I proceeded to copy my old template to Word, and cut and pasted the button code into the new template and now I'm cool. Trying to find usable information on the internet for doing this was pretty much impossible. But if I can figure out a lace chart, I figured I could do this, so I plodded on, in between other such mom duties, of course. We need a "Blogger-Help.Com" like our beloved "Knitting-Help.Com" to really show us newbies how to make this thing sing.
Anyway, here is a knitting picture just to keep this post on the happy side.
It's my latest, the Jaywalker. Late to the party? What party?


Liz said...

I saw this sock last night and it is really beautiful, such perfect work.

Lick My Sticks said...

I love LOVE those colors!! I'm about that far on my late to the party jaywalker, too!