Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fetching Finished

I gave these to my sister yesterday...
They're all scrunched down and everything, but trust me, they came out great. I knit them while watching "The Departed", so one cable row on one glove is one row shorter than the other, but unless you have your wrists together, you'd never see it. So as long as she doesn't get arrested and handcuffed, it'll all be ok. I must have goofed when there was that scene where, oh ... I'm not going to give it away for those that haven't rented it yet.
Anyway, sister was Happy. She said some guy was checking her out when she had them on and I told her that's because she looked all "subversive" in them. Mind you, they're hot pink. Anyway, details: Lion Wool, size 5 bamboo dpns. It was a fun quick knit, but I need my own pair to be a lacier, sexy version, like these.

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