Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fleece Artist Celtic Vest - Done!

And the above exclamation point is added with a bit of sarcasm... It's not really long enough and the color is, well, Meh. But it's done in time for St. Patty's Day, and although I don't have a proper pin to keep it closed, I'm using an old monogrammed brooch my aunt gave me when I was 10.
Details: Fleece Artist Scotian Silk;
needles - River James Birch Swing Needles 10.5mm

Before and after blocking:


Kerry said...

Hi Donna! I've sent you a couple emails but haven't heard from you yet. Just thought I'd post here in case you hadn't gotten them. I need you to get hold of me at kerrycrone at verizon dot net as soon as possible so we can get you added to the participants list for Secret Pal. :-) Thanks a bunch!


Thank you for your compliments on my Monkey socks! The Wollmeise was 13 euros ($18) for the yarn, plus 5 euros ($8) for shipping. I ordered two skeins because the shipping price is the same for up to 5 skeins. :) It's gorgeous and I think well worth it.

Laura said...

It might not have turned out the way you envisioned, but I love it. I think it looks great. :-)

Terri said...

wow - I love that green! Great colour! And it blocked out nicely. Very form fitting and gorgeous :-)