Friday, March 23, 2007

Go Yarn Harlot!

Dude... did we have fun at FIT last night or what? Yarn Harlot aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee spoke about knitting and the muggles, (watch out for "C.H.O.K.E.") while we listened and took part in what has now come to be called "Represent". She is an excellent speaker, unassuming yet powerful. Her analogies left us all ROTFL (as daughter #1 would type if she were allowed her Myspace back). I met my two knitting girlfriends from my Barnes and Noble Knit Night, who had made a day of the yarn crawls. I drooled over their loot. The Koigu, the Lorna's Laces, the fancy carry-along which will be worked into a fantastic scarf by Karen. Liz, I can't wait to see those mittens!!! I wasn't able to make a day of it but I was lucky to just get to the lecture. My life as a mommy kept me from having the entire day off. It's not in my benefits package... We were all given yarn and needles to knit a square for Warm Up America, so we knitted and laughed and knitted some more. I was astounded by the sight of so many knitters, knitting in one place. And everyone was so happy to be there. Husband met me there after work, and I translated for him when terms flew by like dpns and gauge. I was glad he got to see what it was all about and that I'm not the only one out there in love with knitting.
Here's a pic of our buttons. The big one was handed out at the door (still so shocked that there was no entrance fee, living in the land of nothing is free here in NY) and we were instructed to wear it when going in and out of the auditorium. The little pin was $2 and is for Doctors Without Borders, a cause Stephanie is very passionate about.
And finally, my book, signed. I know, I'm smitten.
Pics will be posted soon of the lecture room and the attendees. They're being held captive on husband's phone...