Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Don't You Wish Your SP10 Was Great Like Mine!"

My Secret Pal struck again! This time everything was wrapped in red (favorite color) sparkly tissue paper, festooned with flowery sequins. I saved it all, folding it up and storing it neatly away... Inside - a favorite sock yarn, Twisted Sisters Handpainted Zazu. This is an extra fine merino, might even be made into a small decorative lacy scarf. Gorgeous colors! The needles you see next to the yarn are bamboo #9s decorated with glass balls at the top and matching stitch markers. Lovely! I also received the most adorable stuffed lamby, which my 4 year old immediately took off with. Included in my haul was some nice stitch markers - colorful and rubbery. I needed these since the only rubbery ones I had were taken from a Happy Meal Toy - (or maybe it was Wendy's) some kind of ring toss game. They max out at size 5 needles. The biggest ones in this set will fit 11s. Yay! Next up is a set of bent tapestry needles and a case. I've only been using straight tapestry needles from my old quilt tying days.

Now hold on, there's more!
A cute lamb tape measure, which I really need since all of my old tape measures seem to have vanished. Try to measure a garment with a big flat Olfa quilting ruler! There's also a nice little brown dotty notebook. The pages are brown too and the whole book smells just like a paper lunch bag. Yes, I admit it, I smelled it. What does that say about me? I smell yarn too, but I guess that's no big deal in this realm we blog in. I'm terrible at keeping notes and I've decided that this book will the be the beginning of keeping track of what row I'm on.
{Mr and Mrs. Potato Head were there on the dining room table ready to greet the new kid on the block.}

So, this is why I'm singing "Don't You Wish Your SP10 was Great Like Mine?"


Karen said...

Your gifts are beautiful. I want a secret pal just like yours.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked everything! The theme for this package was "knitting"...I forgot to send a note explaining it in the box! Oops! I will enclose a note next time....revealing myself of course...and the theme!

Your Secret Pal