Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The More You Knit, the More You Learn aka Razor Cami

KnottyMouse said it best. She calls it Lace Lessons. I call it Lace Credo.

Thanks to shadkitty for pointing me in the direction of her wisdom. And for that matter, shadkitty has quite a bit of wisdom herself!

So here's a bit of lace, deceptively easy, but so easy to mess up too. As with many others who have come and knit before, I decreased a bit before I put on the straps. I left the pattern pretty much as is otherwise, because I'm a purist in that sense and felt that any deviation (like ribbing at the top) was detracting from the designer's intentions. The straps will probably need to be shortened because I didn't realize how much the cotton would stretch. Figures, I did a nice Kitchner on them too.
Pattern: Razor Cami from Oh My Stars (Thanks Katie!)
Yarn: Classic Elite Tencel Cotton, icey blue
Needles: Size 4 clover bamboo (all other #4s previously occupied but did the job just fine)
I loved the lace pattern, and loved the yarn. I started this last Fall, and put it aside when the weather got colder and I longed for the feel of wool in my hands instead of cotton. I ran out of yarn and reordered in April, and couldn't get the same dye lot. In this case you cannot tell the difference. I was lucky. So, this is technically a finished UFO, although it never got on to the sidebar. So folks, can I start something new now, or do I have to finish another UFO? Check back for my decision...

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