Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Soho Dreamin'

Daughter #1 and I went shopping in Soho yesterday. But more than the stores, we took in the people. We've been over on Long Island too long and haven't had a trip to the city in a while. We didn't get the memo that little cotton sun dresses are EVERYWHERE! Daughter #1, being the major fashionista, wants them. Many of them. But nothing in the discounty type stores (aka Canal St.) would do. But when the price tag says $250, that's way over her price range on her tiny paycheck from her first real job. So we found ourselves over at Purl Soho Fabric and she realized that she could find a print that would work. So now we are off to find a suitable pattern to determine yardage, and I'm hoping my little girl will discover the love of sewing her mom has. I just have to figure out how to teach her so that
a) She doesn't get frustrated
b) I don't end up doing it all
c) She's pleased enough with the results to want to sew more
I just wish we had more interesting fabric options closer by. I'm sorry if I offend anyone out there, but JoAnn's is usually not my cuppa tea.
Anyway, some knitting eye candy for you. A bit fuzzy, but my camera isn't the best with closeups. Come to think of it, it isn't great with any "ups". Just a peak at my latest project...
Yea, I know, I didn't finish Monkey yet, but I have a present to make, and I'm still mourning the loss of my CP#1 in the yard.

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