Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It' Getting Cold Here

And here's some mittens to keep dh#1's hands warm:
I REALLY enjoyed making them. They're from Elliphantom. I enjoyed making them so much that I now want to try the "Poetry Mittens" from the new issue of Piecework. These were my first stranded project (being careful here not to call them "fairisle") and the first one went slowly but the second was lightening quick. I had to add the pompons because they were in the pattern and I am a purist but dh took them off right away. Oh well, maybe they'll become barrettes for dh#2.

I kept track of the rows with a highlighter and I was too lazy to print out a second copy so I used my Knitpicks pattern holder for the second mitten. It was a great tool.
I saw Martha the other day, I think she'd like these mittens.

Dear Martha,
If you like my mittens and want a pair, I'll make you some.


Angie said...

Cool gloves and how neat, you got to see Martha up close! We miss you at Panera!

PS: I would have kept the pompoms!

fleegle said...

Your mittens are gloriously handsome! I like the pompoms, too.

And thanks for your compliments on Tischdecke!