Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of Amaryllis and Fan and Feather

Yarnstorm inspired me to share my Amaryllis with you today. Even though we haven't had much winter here on Long Island (I know poo poo poo, knock on wood, etc.) but I still yearn for Spring. The daffodils are peaking out, the crocuses are saying "hi" and things are doing a general budding-up around here lately. But while it was gray and cold in January, this beautiful addition graced my dining room table.

This little bag flew off the needles and under the radar:

Koigu KPPM, forgot the colorway, almost a skein
Needles: size 7 Crystal Palace Bamboo (love the points!)
Pattern: Little Lace Bag from Australian Yarn magazine
Made for: my friend Cynthia

I love the description written by the designer, Barbara Coddington: "I love teeny handbags but since having kids haven't been able to get away with carrying anything smaller than a backpacker's delight. (Need room for toys and hats and packets of emergency biscuits!) This little lace bag, a bit of wishful thinking on my part, is for times when all you need are keys, a credit card and a wee mobile phone...but you could probably fit a little box of sultanas, in case you or someone you know gets a little peckish." Yes, you could definitely say that there are a few people around here who are getting more than a bit "peckish". But what are "sultanas"? I need to get some quick.

It was a quick and enjoyable knit. It was my first time with the Koigu, and I must say I would prefer using this yarn on projects like this bag because the tightness of the twist seems to take away from its smooshiness, which is a necessary ingredient in my sock knitting. All you Koigu sock knitters out there, give me a shout out and let me know that I'm talking out of my little lace bag.

Please excuse the scary close-up. That camera was "so 2 months ago".


OfTroy said...

sultana's=UK english for raisins!

they also call raisins "dried currents" (and to confuse things further, there is fruit called the current, and its sometimes dried, too!)

I always forget, but one (sultana's i think) are large (plump and juicy) raisins, and dried currents are small, tart and chewy ones.

Yellow raisins are often sold in this country (US) as 'currents', too, making the task of understanding what is meant by the term raisin, sultanas, and currents way more effort than its worth!

Angie said...

The flower is beautiful and I love the bag. BTW, I don't have children and walk around with somthing the size of a small travel case...ALL.THE.TIME. Hey, you never know which one of the bazillions of projects you may want to work on, or which book you may want to read and we must not forget the IPod, notebook, pens, etc, etc. The second you take anything out, you need it. Hmmm and I wonder why my sholder hurts?